How to Set Up Google Search Console for Your Website in 2024


how to set up Google Search Console

Summary: If you create a new website, you can add your website to Google Search Console and Google Analytics to monitor and measure your site’s traffic and performance. This post mainly introduces how to set up Google Search Console for your website. A step-by-step guide is offered.

What Is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free webmaster tool designed by Google. It was first launched in 2006. It helps site owners, webmasters, or Google SEO specialists to monitor their sites’ performance from every aspect.

You can use Google Search Console to:

  • Submit a sitemap.
  • Inspect and submit a single URL for crawling.
  • Check page indexing status and the site’s security issues.
  • View top search queries, top pages, and the clicks/impressions/CTR/ranking of pages.
  • Check the top linked pages. It provides data on internal and external links to your site.
  • Report issues with mobile usability.
  • Check page experience, core web vitals, and HTTPS status.
  • Temporarily remove URLs from Google Search.
  • And more.

Check the step-by-step guide below for how to set up Google Search Console for a website. Guides for different content management systems including WordPress are provided.

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How to Set Up Google Search Console for Your Website

1. Manually Set Up Google Search Console for A Site

Step 1. Get a Google Account

Setting up Google Search Console for a website needs a Google account. Create a Google account if you don’t have one yet.

  • Go to in your browser and click Create Account.
  • Enter your name, username, password, phone number, etc., and follow the instructions to create a Google account.

Step 2. Open the Google Search Console Website

sign into Google Search Console

Step 3. Set Up Google Search Console for Your Website

After sign-in, you can see a pop-up window asking you to select a property type to start. Select the URL-prefix property or Domain property based on your situation.

select a property type

Domain Property:

If you choose a Domain property, it will include all subdomains and protocols for a domain. For most users, the Domain property type is recommended for a comprehensive view. It requires DNS verification.

  • Enter your domain like and click Continue.
  • Copy the TXT record on the next screen for later usage.
  • Next, open your domain registrar website and log into your account.
  • Navigate to the NDS settings page in your domain account window.
  • On the DNS management page, click Add.
  • Choose the record type (TXT), enter the name (@), and paste the TXT record you copied from Google Search Console beforehand to the Value field.
  • Click the Add Record button.
  • Then, go back to the Search Console window and click the Verify button to verify the ownership of your domain.
  • If you get a notification saying “Ownership auto verified”, you can click Go to Property to check your property in Google Search Console and check your site’s performance.

URL-Prefix Property:

If you select the URL-prefix property, it will include a specific domain path and protocol. It allows multiple verification methods for your site.

  • Enter your website URL like and click Continue.
  • There are several verification methods available, including HTML file upload, HTML tag, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. Select a preferred verification method and follow the instructions to prove you own the website. The process may be slightly different for different website-building programs like WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, etc.
select a site verification method

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2. Use a WordPress Plugin to Set Up Google Search Console

If you use WordPress to create a new website, you can use a plugin to easily add your website to Google Search Console.

One of the most popular tools is Site Kit by Google. This tool not only helps you connect Google Search Console to your site but also allows you to set up Google Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, Google AdSense, Google Tag Manager, etc. for your site.

  • Log into your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Go to Plugins > Add New Plugin.
  • Search for “Site Kit by Google” and install and activate this plugin.
  • Launch Site Kit and follow the instructions to connect various Google services including Google Search Console to your website.
add your website to Google Search Console with Site Kit


Google Search Console is an essential free Google SEO tool for website optimization and search engine marketing. It helps website owners monitor their site’s performance, enhance their site’s visibility, troubleshoot issues that might affect the site’s performance, etc. This post offers a detailed guide on how to set up Google Search Console for a website like a WordPress website. Hope it helps.

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