Fix “Ownership Verification Failed” in Google Search Console


ownership verification failed

Summary: This post offers 8 fixes to help you solve the “ownership verification failed” problem in Google Search Console.

You can set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track your website’s traffic and performance. However, if it pops up a “ownership verification failed” error when you try to verify your domain or website in Google Search Console, you can try the tips below to solve the issue.

Fix “Ownership Verification Failed” in Google Search Console – 8 Tips

1. Try to Verify Your Website Ownership Again

Sometimes the internet lag or disconnection may cause the “ownership verification failed” error temporarily. Make sure you have a good internet connection and try to add your domain or website URL to verify again. Ensure that you enter the correct domain name or site URL.

verify website ownership in Google Search Console

2. Check Your Verification Method

Check if your chosen verification method is still intact and correctly implemented on your website. If the method has been altered or removed, GSC will not confirm your ownership and will require you to verify again.

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3. Change Another Verification Method

When you try to add and verify your site in Google Search Console, it offers several verification methods: HTML File Upload, HTML Tag, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Domain Name Provider.

You can select a preferred method to verify the ownership of your website. If one method doesn’t work and displays a “ownership verification failed” error message, you can change another verification method to have a try.

Make sure to implement the right configuration of the verification method.

  • HTML File Upload: upload the HTML file provided by Google to the root directory of your website.
  • HTML Tag: Add a meta tag to the “<head>” section of the homepage of your website.
  • Google Analytics: Make sure you have added the Google Analytics tracking code in the right place on your site, and you have the Edit permission.
  • Google Tag Manager: Use your Google Tag Manager account to verify your site and make sure a container snippet is already on your site. Still, you must have the “View, Edit, and Manage” permissions in Google Tag Manager.
  • Domain Name Provider: Verify your site ownership through your domain registrar by adding a DNS TXT record.
site ownership verification methods in Google Search Console

4. Disconnect Google Account from Site Kit and Connect Again

If create a website with WordPress and use a plugin like Site Kit to connect your website to Google Search Console, you can try to disconnect the login Google account in Site Kit and try to connect again. Sometimes the “ownership verification failed” error might be caused by a wrong configuration of the Site Kit plugin.

  • Log into your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Click Site Kit in the left panel to open the Site Kit dashboard.
  • Click your login account at the upper-right corner of the Site Kit dashboard and click Disconnect.
  • Confirm the action to disconnect your Google account from Site Kit. This will disconnect all Google services connected via Site Kit.
  • Then you can click Site Kit and follow the instructions to connect Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and other Google services again.
disconnect Google account from Site Kit

Tip: Optionally you may go to Site Kit > Settings > Connected Services > Google Search Console to only disconnect GSC. But if you don’t find a disconnect option, you can still follow the operation above to disconnect it.

5. Clear Your Browser Cache or Try a Different Browser

You can clear your browser cache, try incognito mode, or try a different browser to verify your website again in Google Search Console. This can help avoid issues related to browser cache or cookies.

6. Remove the Property from GSC and Add Again

If the site ownership verification fails when setting up Google Search Console, you can click “Remove Property” to remove your website from Google Search Console. Then you can add your domain or website again and choose a verification method to verify the property.

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7. Contact Your Hosting Provider or Domain Registrar

If you are unable to upload the HTML file or modify the DNS settings in the verification process, you may contact your web hosting provider or domain registry service for help.

8. Contact Google Support for Help

If you are still experiencing the “ownership verification failed” issue in Google Search Console, you may contact Google Support for assistance or seek help from a professional web developer.


Google Search Console is a must-have free Google SEO tool to help you optimize and improve your website. This post offers 8 possible solutions to help you fix the “ownership verification failed” error in Google Search Console. Hope now you can successfully connect your website with GSC.

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