Fix “Data Collection Isn’t Active for Your Website” in GA4 [2024]


data collection isn’t active for your website

Summary: This post aims to help you fix the “data collection isn’t active for your website” issue in Google Analytics (GA4).

If GA4 (Google Analytics 4) reports that the data collection isn’t active for your website, it might be caused by various reasons, e.g., incorrect setup of the data stream in Google Analytics, delays in data processing, wrong configurations of Google Analytics plugin in WordPress, change of web hosting, etc.

Check the 10 possible solutions below to fix “data collection isn’t active for your website” in GA4.

[10 Fixes] Data Collection Isn’t Active for Your Website in GA4

Fix 1. Check Basic Configurations

  • Check the GA property ID and data stream ID and make sure they are correct when you set up Google Analytics for your website.
  • Make sure the data stream URL matches your site’s URL including HTTP vs. HTTPS and www vs. non-www.
  • If you use a plugin to connect to Google Analytics, make sure it is correctly configured.

Fix 2. Use Google Tag Assistant to Check Tag Issues

Google offers a free tag assistant to help you check if the Google Analytics tag is correctly installed on your website. If you see a notification “data collection isn’t active for your website” in Google Analytics 4, you can run Google Tag Assistant to check if there are any Google tag issues like tag conflicts.

  • You can go to to open Google Tag Assistant in your browser.
  • Click the Add Domain button.
  • Enter your website’s URL and click the Connect button.
  • It will automatically debug all of the Google tags on your domain. After debugging, you can view the debug information to see if there are any tag errors.
run Google Tag Assistant to debug Google tags

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Fix 3. Check Data Filters

  • You can test the data collection of your website by testing the internal traffic. You should make sure internal traffic isn’t being filtered out. Go to Admin > Data collection and modification > Data Filters to check the data filter settings. Visit your website and check if your visit appears in the Realtime report in Google Analytics.
  • Make sure that you haven’t set up any other improper filters that might block visits to your website.

Fix 4. Check for Conflicts

You should only use one method to add the Google tag to your website to avoid conflicts. For instance, if you’ve manually copied and pasted the Google tag to the HTML code of your website, you should not use a plugin to add it again.

Still, if you intend to change another method or plugin to connect your website to Google Analytics, you should disable the old method first to avoid repeated Google Analytics configuration or conflicts.

Fix 5. Check Google Analytics Status

Check the Google Ads Status Dashboard to ensure there are no reported outages or issues with Google Analytics itself.

Fix 6. Adjust or Reconfigure Google Analytics

If you changed your web hosting service or changed your site’s structure significantly, you may meet the error message “data collection isn’t active for your website” in Google Analytics 4.

To fix the issue, you may adjust or reconfigure Google Analytics for your website. You can disconnect and reconnect the Google Analytics plugin to refresh the connection settings. If you changed the primary URL of your website, you may need to adjust your data stream settings in Google Analytics.

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Fix 7. Disconnect the Google Analytics Connection Plugin and Reconnect

If you use a WordPress plugin like Site Kit by Google or MonsterInsights to connect your website with Google Analytics, you may disconnect the plugin and reconnect it to see if the “data collection isn’t active for your website” error can be fixed.

To disconnect Google Analytics from Site Kit:

  • Log into your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click “Site Kit” in the left panel and select “Settings”.
  • In Site Kit settings, click “Google Analytics”.
  • Click the “Edit” link in the Google Analytics section.
  • Look for a button or link saying “Disconnect Analytics from Site Kit”. Click it and confirm the disconnection.
  • Then you can try to reconnect your website to Google Analytics with Site Kit.
disconnect Analytics from Site Kit

To disconnect Google Analytics from MonsterInsights:

  • Log into your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click “MonsterInsights” in the left pane and choose “Settings”.
  • Click the “General” tab and find the “Authentication” section.
  • Find an option that says “Disconnect MonsterInsights” and click “Disconnect” to disconnect your website with Google Analytics.
  • After that, you can set up a new connection or use another method for analytics tracking.

Fix 8. Make Sure to Set Up the Consent Mode Correctly

For some parts of the world like the EEA (European Economic Area) countries, you need to set up Consent Mode to enable Google Analytics to track data of the end users. By enabling consent mode, only visitors who explicitly give consent can be tracked. If you don’t set up the consent settings, then the EEA-based visitors won’t be included in the audience lists.

You can configure the consent settings using a consent management platform or the consent mode API. If you use Site Kit to connect Google Analytics for your website, it offers a “Consent Mode” setting to help you easily configure the consent mode for your website.

Google Analytics Consent Mode

Fix 9. Contact Google Analytics Support for Help

If the data collection is still not working in Google Analytics, you can contact the official support of Google Analytics to ask for help.

  • Go to in your browser to open the Help Center of Analytics.
  • Choose a topic to find possible guides and solutions.
  • Or you can click the “Let’s chat” button at the right-bottom to chat with the AI support assistant to see if it can help you solve issues.
  • Or you can click the “Contact Us” button in the upper-right corner to fill out a contact form to send your request to Google support.
contact Google Analytics support

Fix 10. Delete the Data Stream and Create a New Stream for Your Website

If none of the above solutions help you fix the “data collection isn’t active for your website” issue in GA4, you have the last draw: delete the old data stream, create a new data stream for your website, and set up Google Analytics again.

Please note that deleting a data stream cannot be undone and you will lose access to any data collected by that stream. You may export relevant reports before you delete the data stream.

  • Log into your Google Analytics account.
  • Click the Admin button at the bottom-left.
  • Select “Data streams” under “Data collection and modification”.
  • Select the target data stream that has problems with data collection.
  • Click the three-dot icon at the top-right corner in the stream details window and click Delete Stream to delete the data stream.
  • Then click the “Add Stream” button to add a new data stream for your website. Enter your website’s URL and data stream link, and get a new measurement ID and stream ID for your website.
  • After creating a new data stream, you can try to set up Google Analytics for the new data stream again. It may take hours for the changes to take effect.
how to delete a data stream in Google Analytics

The End

This post offers 10 solutions to help you fix the “data collection isn’t active for your website” issue in Google Analytics 4. Detailed analysis and instructions are provided, hope it helps.

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