10 Best Google SEO Tools to Achieve Your SEO Goals [Free/Paid]


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Summary: If you want to do Google SEO to promote your products or services, you might need some professional SEO tools. This post introduces the top 10 Google SEO tools (free or paid) for your reference. The key features of these tools are explained.

SEO is a common strategy for many companies to run businesses with online websites. To do Google SEO, you can utilize some professional SEO tools.

This post introduces the 10 best free Google SEO tools to help you do keyword research, analyze site data, track ranks and backlinks, analyze competitors, etc. You can use these tools to improve your site’s SEO performance and formulate correct marketing strategies.

2024 Top 10 Must-Have Google SEO Tools (Free & Paid)

1. Google Analytics (Free)

The first must-have tool for Google SEO is Google Analytics. It is a free web analytics tool provided by Google. You should set up Google Analytics for your website. It helps marketers and webmasters track, analyze, and report website traffic. The key features of Google Analytics are listed below.

  • Real-time reporting: See the number of active users and track which pages are being viewed on your website in real time.
  • User Insights: Collect data about website visitors like country, age, gender, interests, visit behavior, etc.
  • Traffic sources: GA also gives you insights about where the traffic is coming from (organic searches, direct visits, referrals, etc.).
  • Site content: Analyze the performance of specific pages on your site including page views, button clicks, downloads, etc.
  • Conversion and goal tracking: You can set up specific goals to track product purchases, form submissions, transaction data, revenue, etc.
  • Integration and customization: You can integrate Google Analytics with other Google services like Google Search Console, Google AdSense, Google Ads, etc.
best free Google SEO tool - Google Analytics

2. Google Search Console (Free)

To monitor your website’s performance, you should also set up Google Search Console for your website. GSC is also provided by Google and is another must-have free Google SEO tool. It helps website owners monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot the site’s presence in Google Search results. Check what it can do for you.

  • Monitor performance: Provide data about impressions, clicks, CTR, average position, etc. based on search queries, pages, countries, devices, or dates.
  • URL inspection: Inspect if a URL is indexed by Google and request Google to crawl and index pages on your site.
  • Page indexing: View indexed pages and non-indexed pages on your site. Check and troubleshoot page indexing issues, crawl errors, etc.
  • Submit sitemap: Submit sitemaps to help Google understand the structure and content of your website.
  • Page experience: View the status of HTTPS, Core Web Vitals, and other aspects of the page experience of your website.
  • Security and manual actions: Receive and view the detailed information about detected security issues on your site and follow Google’s recommendations to resolve them.
Google Search Console

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3. Google PageSpeed Insights (Free)

Google PageSpeed Insights, also developed by Google, is another top free Google SEO tool. It allows you to measure the performance of a web page on both desktop and mobile devices. It gives you insights and recommendations to optimize the page loading speed and user experience. Check its key features below.

  • Page performance scores: Analyze and provide the scores of both mobile and desktop versions of the web pages. It offers the overall scores of SEO, Accessibility, Best Practices, and Performance based on various metrics.
  • Measure various performance metrics like First Contentful Paint (FCP), Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), which are essential for user experience and search engine rankings.
  • Identify issues and seek opportunities and suggestions to optimize the web pages to improve their rankings.
Google PageSpeed Insights

4. Google Keyword Planner (Free)

Google Keyword Planner is also an essential free Google SEO tool that helps you easily conduct keyword research. Google Keyword Planner is included within the Google Ads platform. You can use Google Keyword Planner to discover new keywords related to your website or product, as well as research and plan your Google Ads campaigns.

  • Keyword research: Provide a list of relevant keywords based on your seed keyword to find new keyword opportunities. It offers the average monthly search volume for each keyword, keyword competition, page bid, etc.
  • Traffic forecast: Provide forecasts for keyword performance metrics like clicks, impressions, CTR (click-through rate), CPC (cost-per-click), etc. based on bid amounts, targeting settings, and historical data. It helps advertisers to estimate potential traffic and plan the budget for their ad campaigns before launching the ads.
  • Location and language targeting: Users can specify geographic locations and languages for keyword research. This helps advertisers to tailor their campaigns to specific regions and audiences.
  • Google Keyword Planner is seamlessly integrated with Google Ads.
Google Keyword Planner

5. Ahrefs (Trial and Paid)

Ahrefs is a leading third-party Google SEO tool. It is a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization tool that is used by many digital marketers, SEO professionals, and website owners. It helps you improve the site’s online visibility, analyze competitors, track ranks, and optimize the site for search engines. Key features of Ahrefs are listed below.

  • Keyword Explorer: Discover new keywords. It provides related keywords, search volume, keyword difficulty, SERP analysis, clicks, etc.
  • Site Explorer: Enter any website URL and it provides detailed insights into the site including the authority, search traffic, top pages, organic keywords, backlinks, referring domains, and more.
  • Site Audit: Conduct technical SEO audits for websites to check for issues that may affect the website’s ranking. It checks broken links, crawl errors, duplicate content, etc., and provides suggestions for improvement.
  • Content Explorer: Discover top pages related to a niche. Analyze the backlinks, social shares, and organic traffic of those top pages. It helps you understand what type of content fits your target audience.
  • Rank Tracker: Monitor search engine rankings for specific keywords on your website.
  • Link Building: Provide a Backlink Checker tool to help you find new link-building opportunities and analyze your competitors’ backlink profiles.
best Google SEO tool - Ahrefs

6. SEMrush (Trial and Paid)

SEMrush is a comprehensive Google SEO toolkit. It offers various marketing tools including keyword research tools, link-building tools, on-page SEO and technical SEO tools, competitive research tools, and more. It helps users improve their websites’ rankings and drive more organic and paid traffic.

  • Keyword research: Find new keywords and check search volume, keyword difficulty, etc.
  • Competitive analysis: Analyze competitors’ backlinks and ad strategies to find insights for marketing strategies.
  • Site audit: Conduct technical SEO audits for your website to improve the site’s health and performance.
  • Backlink analysis: Analyze your site’s backlinks and uncover new opportunities for link building.
  • Rank tracking: Monitor your website’s search engine rankings.
  • Content marketing: Analyze the existing content and find new content gaps and opportunities to drive more traffic.
  • Advertising research: Analyze your competitor’s advertising strategies and optimize your ad campaigns to maximize ROI from the paid ads.
  • Social media management: Offer social media monitoring, scheduling, and analytics. Help you track your brand’s mentions and social media marketing efforts.

7. SEOquake (Free and Paid)

SEOquake is also a useful Google SEO tool. It is a browser extension offering free and paid versions. The free version offers a range of useful features for SEO analysis. Here are some key features of SEOquake.

  • SEO metrics: SEOquake offers various SEO metrics for the search results pages (SERPs), including domain and page backlink count, Google index status, SEMrush rank, etc.
  • On-page SEO analysis: It analyzes the keyword density, meta tags, headings, and other on-page factors that may impact search engine rankings.
  • Analyze internal and external links on a page including the number of links, link types, and link attributes.

8. Moz (Free and Paid)

Moz is also a comprehensive SEO platform that offers various Google SEO tools to help users improve the site’s search engine visibility and drive more traffic.

Moz offers free tools including MozBar, Moz Link Explorer, and Moz Keyword Explorer. It also offers some paid tools including Moz Pro, Moz Local, and Moz Academy. You can use these tools to perform in-depth SEO analysis and optimization for your website.

best Google SEO tool - Moz

9. Yoast SEO (Free and Paid)

Yoast SEO is a useful Google SEO tool for WordPress websites. It is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to help users optimize their websites for better rankings.

  • On-page SEO analysis: Provide real-time analysis of your content as you create or edit it. It evaluates meta tags, keyword density, content readability, internal and external links, and more.
  • Generate XML sitemap: Yoast SEO can automatically generate XML sitemaps for your website. Search engines can easily crawl and index your pages.
  • It also offers canonical URL management, schema markup integration, redirect manager, social media integration, etc.
Yoast SEO

10. Site Kit by Google (Free)

Site Kit by Google is another useful free WordPress plugin. It helps you easily integrate various Google services directly into the WordPress dashboard, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google AdSense, and Google PageSpeed Insights. Site Kit makes it easier for website owners to access and analyze the website’s traffic data.

best free Google SEO tool - Site Kit by Google


If you are doing Google SEO and online marketing, you can use the 10 best Google SEO tools introduced in this post to help you optimize your website and achieve better performance. A brief introduction to these SEO tools is provided. You can choose preferred tools based on your own needs.

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